2 Month Old Dies Day After Receiving Vaccinations

This troubling story comes from Turin, Italy. The 2-month-old infant had just received the standard vaccination scheduled shots and exam from the doctor the day before. Only to be laid down to sleep the following day and be found dead by the mother shortly after the baby’s last feeding. The child was born to  Nigerian refugees staying at camp in the Turin area. Refugees are typically told very little about vaccination, only that they are mandatory and face expulsion from the host country if they refuse them.

Since there is usually never a full autopsy or examination, due to the big pharma influence of the barbaric vaccination process, it appears that this death of the innocent child, will be put in the catch-all category for children that die shortly after being vaccinated and be labeled a death by SIDS.

Click this link to read the full story: 2 Month Old Dies Day After Receiving Vaccinations – Truth Kings

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