May 2016

Catholic Church Statement on Dirty Measles Vaccination 

ADVERTISEMENT According to a letter undersigned by the Gitobu Imanyara & Co Advocates which was directed to Ministry of Health and the Pharmacy Board, the contents of the measles vaccines used across Kenya were contaminated, leading the government to threaten the company to hold payments unless it kept its mouth shut. The government is being
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Nairobi Government Hides Contaminated Vaccine Lab Tests

Nairobi attempted to cover up the presence of contaminates inside of vaccines, all for the sake of profits, according to a local Nairobi company, Agriq Quest Ltd. The company claims that the government refused to test a series of tetanus and polio vaccines so that it could show altered results (or safe results). Via Daily Please
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Oregon Researchers Upset Herd 'Vaccine Boosters Are Overkill' 

ADVERTISEMENT A new radio segment on discusses statements by leading Oregon researchers that vaccines are now in overkill, particularly for rare diseases. In many cases, they believe that booster shoots, as they are known, should be minimized. People are supposed to get vaccine boosters for tetanus and diphtheria once every 10 years. Please follow
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Haiti's Cholera Vaccine Part Of UN Plan To Take Advantage Of Poor

ADVERTISEMENT Two United Nations (UN) agencies are in favor of anti-Cholera vaccines in Haiti. The vaccination campaign would reach up to 400,000 people living in the tropical region. The UN announced the first phase as being launched in the town of Arcahaie. The PAHO/WHO claims the vaccine’s protection last 3 to 5 years in total. Please follow
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Jenny McCarthy Blasts Out Her Review Of #Vaxxed To Twitter 

Jenny McCarthy, noted autism activist and actress, took to her twitter account to post her feelings after seeing the movie, Vaxxed:From Coverup to Conspiracy this weekend in Chicago. Jenny also brought along her famous husband Donnie Wahlberg. After seeing the movie, Jenny fired out this amazing tweet to her 1.4 million twitter supporters: “Find Please
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Where Do Bernie & Hillary Stand On Vaccines?

ADVERTISEMENT I was reading an anti-vaccination Facebook page recently, they posted an article with the headline “Bernie Sanders and Republicans find common ground on Vaccinations.” But this isn’t true. Donald Trump has seemingly become the Republican nominee and he definitely believes vaccinations are tied to rising autism rates.   Please follow and like us:

A ‘Vaccine Factory’ Has Created a Mega Flu Shot

ADVERTISEMENT The FDA has approved a new 4-1 flu vaccine, because apparently one bad idea at a time simply was not enough. Seqirus vaccine factory in Holly Springs, North Carolina has already achieved FDA approval (no surprises there) for Flucelvax Quadrivalent flu vaccine. Please follow and like us:

Hospital Tells Visitors Get Flu Shot or Wear Masks 

ADVERTISEMENT If you are a visitor at Waikato Hospital in New Zealand and you haven’t had a flu shot, prepare to be forced to wear a blue mask before you can enter the building. Waikato District Health Board chief executive Nigel Murray forceful new policy is one he says he well founded in the logic
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