December 2016

Strong Evidence Linking Aluminum and Alzheimer’s

There has been a strong link between human exposure to aluminium and the incidence of Alzheimer’s disease for half a century or more. However, without definite proof, there is still no consensus in the scientific community about the role of this known neurotoxin in this devastating brain disease. Please follow and like us:

Texas Plans to Restrict Vaccine Exemptions

Your right to vaccine exemptions is under attack in many states, from Texas to California, with lawmakers increasingly pushing for mandatory vaccination in the name of public health. Please follow and like us:

sisters sue over HPV vaccine harm

Two sisters, ages 19 and 20, are suing the makers of an HPV vaccine. So, these two sisters, Madelyn and Olivia, are claiming that they took the Gardasil vaccine and it made them infertile. So, about six years ago we received our first Gardasil vaccination. I was 13 and I was 14 years old. The
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Merck's Ebola Vaccine, A Christmas Gift for the World: Really?

The media is in a tizzy over the recent trial results of Merck’s experimental Ebola vaccine, rVSV-ZEBOV (recombinant Vesicular Stomatitis Virus-Zaire Ebola Virus). “New Ebola Vaccine Gives 100 Percent Protection,” reads a headline in The New York Times.1 The headline in Science Alert sounds even more conclusive… “It’s Official: We Finally Have An Ebola Vaccine
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“Overwhelming” evidence that aluminum causes Alzheimer’s disease… shocking new science removes all doubt

Scientists have long known that there is a link between aluminum and Alzheimer’s disease, but many have said that there was not enough actual evidence to prove a relationship between the debilitating illness and a common metal used by scores of people every day.But now, Prof. Chris Exley, of Keele University in England, states unequivocally
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The mainstream media lies about vaccines just like they lied about Donald Trump

One of the “mainstream” media’s narratives since President-elect Donald J. Trump “unexpectedly” defeated their chosen candidate, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, has been that the former was aided by “fake news” supplied to hundreds of legitimate news websites (including this one) by the Russian government.That massive lie has since been exposed as fake news in and
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22 ‘must-see’ vaccine documentaries

In no particular order, here are 22 highly informative, must-see vaccine documentaries that you could share with your firends.They all have to do with various factors of vaccination – evidence, efficacy, injuries, health effects and medicinal politics. Please follow and like us:

Los Angeles Warns 'Massive Measles Outbreak'

This doesn’t sound familiar at all. I mean, not at all. The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (DOPH) announced on Friday that 9 cases of potential measles are now under investigation. And seeing they’ve been able to conjure up more than a handful of “potential” cases, that means we now have a monstrous
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Scapegoating Anti-Vaxxers for the Mumps Outbreaks: How Predictable

Wanna see an example of superbly unscientific, unreferenced, and ridiculously biased opinion writing? Take a look at Steven Salzburg’s piece in Forbes magazine titled “Anti-Vax Movement To Blame For Quadrupling Of Mumps Cases This Year“.1 It’s a doozy, particularly given that Salzburg himself (in the comment section) writes: “[T]he evidence is not yet in, so
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Physicians Opposed to Mandatory Vaccines Start “Physicians for Informed Consent” Organization

Informed consent is defined as an agreement given by a person or a responsible proxy (e.g., a parent) for participation in a study, immunization program, or treatment regimen, after being informed of the purpose, methods, procedures, benefits, and risks.Informed consent has been increasingly absent from the practices of doctors, hospitals rooms, neighborhood pharmacies, attending nurses
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Autism rates in California jumps 17% in Kindergarten's since new mandatory vaccine laws - Vaccine Liberation Army

Autism Rates in California Schools Jumped As Much as 17% Among Kindergartners Since Mandatory Vaccine Bill Was SignedWhen SB 277 (no shots, no school in California) went into effect, many parents with young children who were behind the vaccination schedule or did not start vaccinating yet, were forced to catch up or they could longer
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Teen Girl Paralysed In 3 Limbs After HPV Vaccine

Gardasil is pitched as a vaccine that protects teens from cervical cancer. Over the past couple of years, the CDC and pharma have even been attempting to change the referrence of Gardasil from “HPV vaccine” to “cancer vaccine.” But the claims that Gardasil has a major human safety flaw are compiling at a fast pace.
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Vaccines deliver 4,925 mcg of aluminum by 18 months, safe limit is 25 mcg

Aluminum is a neurotoxin, yet infants and young children are repeatedly injected with aluminum adjuvants from multiple vaccines during critical periods of brain development. Numerous studies provide credible evidence that aluminum adversely affects important biological functions and may contribute to neurodegenerative and autoimmune disorders. It is impossible to predetermine which vaccinated babies will succumb to
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