CDC Data Stranglehold Blocks Autism-Vaccine Research – Recording #2 

Thompson discusses the SEED information that is under the control of the CDC. There are 800 children who have been given ADI-R and ADOS (“gold standard in diagnostic evaluations for autism”), and have population controls and disability controls of similar size. Thompson said he is cleaning it up. The study is a mess because the lead, Diana E. Schendel, left the CDC to live in Denmark “with her boyfriend” former CDC scientist, fugitive Poul Thorsen who is alleged to have embezzled millions of dollars from the CDC originally intended for autism research.SEED contains data from 1,200 children with autism. This includes prenatal records (i.e., infections, vaccination, RhoGAM); maternal vaccination records; children’s entire medical history including vaccination records; and biological samples from all children. “It’s all there.”

Read more here: CDC Data Stranglehold Blocks Autism-Vaccine Research – Recording #2 – Fearless Parent

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