CDC whistleblower: “We were ordered to cover up vaccine-autism link” (VIDEO)

This video contains an extraordinary conversation for extraordinary times. Biblical times, really. When the lie becomes the truth and the truth becomes a lie. These days, lying is not just okey dokey, nor is it an occasional little white one – there’s no such thing. It is not merely the flavor for the month. It is all of the above, and so much more. It’s the new American tradition. Now it’s politically correct to remove Native American names from sports teams. Don’t talk about small pox blankets and decimating buffalo from the windows of steam engine trains. Just remove a word, no worries. No harm done. Withholding evidence is also a lie. Change the message, bury the truth. Like around fourteen years ago, when men and women destroyed the evidence of Merck’s MMR vaccine showing a causal relationship with autism, with increased risk reserved for African American male children. Corrupted souls filled with fraud, deception, flat out lying to Congress and themselves did not have the mindset of “do no harm.” CDC scientists destroyed the proof that children injected with the MMR vaccine could very well have a full cognitive life taken from them via autism. If truth were told, their profits and brotherhood would suffer, so, no worries, just destroy the evidence and go on your merry way. Change a word or two. Allow another slaughter of the innocent begin. And when the truth starts to trickle out it is ignored, suppressed or mocked. But the truth cannot be contained. Here’s an except from the Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s interview with Alex Jones:

Read more here: CDC whistleblower: “We were ordered to cover up vaccine-autism link” (VIDEO)

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