Co-Founder Autism Speaks: ‘No Definitive Answer If Vaccines Cause Autism’ 

Former NBC CEO and Autism Speaks Co-Founder Bob Wright sits down with Matt Lauer to talk about Vaxxed The Movie and the controversy of Autism and vaccine safety. Listen to the question asked and how it is answered. What we have to remember, is people in high-powered positions, have to be careful of the way these questions are answered. This answer is screaming for vaccine safety to be made an active and proactive program to search out the problems with vaccinations. With States imposing mandatory vaccination laws, these types of answers need to be spread and recognized. These are well respected professional people speaking out, imploring that vaccine safety becomes a more researched subject. Wright goes further to call for the Vaccine Safety Program, which pays out $100 million dollars a year in vaccine injury claims, to become an active campaign to determine what is the cause of these issues, rather than just paying settlement money out to our damaged children.ADVERTISEMENTHere is a link to the full video:Photo by Lance NeilsonADVERTISEMENTLike This: by Taboola Sponsored Links You May LikeYes, Pay Off Your House At A Furious Pace If You Owe Less Than $300kLower My BillsForget the iPhone 6. Next hit Apple product revealed!The Motley FoolWorst Exercise That Ages Your Body After 40MAX Workouts Fitness GuideYou may also like

Read full story here: Co-Founder Autism Speaks: ‘No Definitive Answer If Vaccines Cause Autism’ – Truth Kings

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