More PROOF Zika is Just Population Control….

The Zika train has left the station and until it crashes, it will continue to roll through country after country as an enforcer of population control. The public at large is being herded along, uncontested, as world Government agendas play out.The first signs of population control came with Brazil, El Salvador and Colombia recommended women delay getting pregnant for at least two years. The United States has even stepped in to advocate less strict abortion laws throughout Latin America. Latin America has some of the strictest abortion laws in the world, however, U.S. influence leveraging Zika fears could look to change this. If this were to be the case, suddenly, Latin America would not only be in the midst of encouraging population control by scaring women into fertile dormancy, but they’d also be encouraging pregnancy termination in cases where women may only “think” they have Zika. Zika remains an unconfirmed and invalid connection to Microcephaly.

Read full story here: More PROOF Zika is Just Population Control…. – Truth Kings

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