Why the Chicken Pox Vaccine Makes NO Sense 

The chicken pox vaccine, formally known as the varicella vaccination, was added to the recommended childhood vaccination schedule in 1995. Prior to this vaccine’s creation, it was a common practice for families to expose children to others who had the chicken pox. The disease was considered a normal part of childhood and it was widely
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Before the licensing of the live varicella zoster (chickenpox) virus vaccine in 1995 and subsequent mandating of the vaccine for all children in the U.S., chickenpox itself was considered one of the milder “rites of passage” for children and the vast majority of children experienced the common childhood disease before age ten. Most people have
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Chickenpox Vaccine May Cause Eye Inflammation

The chickenpox vaccine is coveted by the WHO as a “must have” vaccination. I had chickenpox as a child and lived through it well enough to write this article, but apparently the world sans a chickenpox vaccine is a world left in apocalyptic dire straights. It may also be a world left with infected eyes,
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Combination vaccine doubles risk of seizures

Confirming the results of prior studies, research conducted by the University of Calgary and published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal has found that the combination MMR-chickenpox vaccine doubles the risk of febrile seizures in young children. Please follow and like us: