22 ‘must-see’ vaccine documentaries

In no particular order, here are 22 highly informative, must-see vaccine documentaries that you could share with your firends.They all have to do with various factors of vaccination – evidence, efficacy, injuries, health effects and medicinal politics. Please follow and like us:

The defeat of Hillary Clinton just dealt a devastating blow to Monsanto, Big Pharma and the corrupt vaccine industry

The ignorant people voting for Hillary Clinton two days ago had no idea what they were really voting for. That’s by design, of course: They are kept deliberately dumbed-down by the complicit media which packed their brains full of anti-facts and twisted mush. While Clinton supporters mistakenly believed Hillary supported women, children, immigrants and humanity,
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This election is not Trump vs. Clinton, it's YOU against the entire corrupt establishment that protects Big Pharma, Monsanto and the vaccine industry

The globalists are worried. They think Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton stands a real chance of losing to Republican nominee Donald J. Trump. That’s why they’re pulling out all the stops and doing anything they can, short of physically harming the GOP nominee (so far), to try and stop him.As a series of WikiLeaks dumps
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Hillary's VP Forced 6th Grade Girls To Get Gardasil Vaccines 

Today, Clinton chose Virginia Senator Tim Kaine. Her announcement clearly marred by Assange’s revelations of the DNC’s indiscretions. But worse more, Kaine has a history of sinister idealogy. In fact, he once forced sixth grade girls to take Gardasil shots, according to a 2007 article from the Washington Post. Please follow and like us:

Where Do Bernie & Hillary Stand On Vaccines?

ADVERTISEMENT I was reading an anti-vaccination Facebook page recently, they posted an article with the headline “Bernie Sanders and Republicans find common ground on Vaccinations.” But this isn’t true. Donald Trump has seemingly become the Republican nominee and he definitely believes vaccinations are tied to rising autism rates.   Please follow and like us:

Double Standard: Clinton argues gun manufacturers, but not the vaccine industry, ought to be liable for product related injuries and deaths

Politics is ridden with double standards. Last night’s Democrat Party presidential debate was no exception. When it came to the issue of gun control, Hillary Clinton argued that gun manufacturers ought to be financially liable for gun deaths, claiming that “no other industry” has total legal immunity. Never mind the fact that the vaccine industry
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Hillary Clinton gives Big Pharma a total pass on victims of vaccine violence while saying gun manufacturers should be held responsible for victims of gun violence

I do not understand the rabid millennial female support for Mrs. Clinton. But then again, these young women weren’t of age when the foundations of the nuclear family were being dismantled. The Rockefeller funded idea of a “strong, independent, bring home the bacon, own your body and have it all” fantasy was socially engineered into
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Hilary Clinton's Disturbing Dismissal Of Vaccines & Autism

I am very concerned about the possible links between autism, the environment and other chronic diseases.As President, I will provide a total of about $700 million annually to address autism. That funding will go toward expanding research to identify causes of autism. Please follow and like us:

What Candidate Is Best For The Anti-Vaccination Community? 

I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news or come off as, well, a “bummer,” but the war to maintain our basic parental rights really isn’t going as well as we’d like. There are countless proponents of mandatory vaccination legislation all over the country. Defeating one piece of legislation just means the spawning
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SafeMinds Recommendations for Clinton Autism Plan Featured in January 27 Huffington Post - SafeMinds Autism Environment

January 29, 2016–This week, The Huffington Post featured a blog posted by autism policy advocate Craig Snyder, and co-written with SafeMinds board member Katie Wright and SafeMinds executive director Lisa Wiederlight. The blog, “Clinton on Autism: Need for a Paradigm Shift“ was written in response to Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton’s “Plan to Support Children, Youth,
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