Watch What Happens When Parent Refuses Hep-B Vaccine For Infant 

America was built on the foundation of choice, but that premise of “choice” has crumbled over the past decade. Pharmaceutical intervening is a large part of that demise. There’s just too much money in their meds to refuse vaccines and some parents are claiming that hospitals proceed even without permission. Please follow and like us:

2-Month Old Infant Suffered Apnea and Died Following 8 Vaccines

Another family is mourning the loss of their two-month old baby following routine vaccinations. Cash Dewayne Thomas was having apnea episodes following the vitamin K injection and hepatitis B vaccine given to him at birth. When his mother sought help from numerous doctors, they ignored her concerns and would not put Cash on a breathing
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Hepatitis B vaccine killed multiple newborns from system shock

Imagine the R&D that goes into vaccine planning. It’s interplanetary. These sociopaths murder on a global scale. According to PRNewswire.com, “The analysts forecast the Global Hepatitis B vaccine market to grow at a CAGR [compounded annual growth rate] of 4.00 percent over the period 2013 – 2018.”Of course, the Hepatitis B vaccine global growth plan
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The Insanity of the Hepatitis B Vaccination

This disease is one that is fairly rare, and more common in adults in high risk groups, including those who are sexually promiscuous, along with drug abusers who share needles.The health risks of giving this vaccination to healthy newborns are relatively high and include death and permanent disability. The promised protection from hepatitis B is
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Newborn dead after Hepatitis B Vaccine 

In this day and age, I can’t fathom why parents still give their babies Hepatitis B vaccine shots. Ultimately, these are complete scams that serve no useful purpose in infants. And now, once again, it has proved deadly. A newborn in Vietnam died just hours after receiving the Hepatitis B vaccine. The baby cried for
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Universal hepatitis B vaccination was recommended for U.S. newborns in 1991; however, safety findings are mixed. The association between hepatitis B vaccination of male neonates and parental report of autism diagnosis was determined. This cross-sectional study used weighted probability samples obtained from National Health Interview Survey 1997-2002 data sets. Vaccination status was determined from the
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