herd immunity

Vaccines Provide Herd Immunity?

Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson recently reversed his opposition on mandatory childhood vaccination. When asked what caused him to make a U-turn and adopt what would seem to be an anti-libertarian position, he said,I’ve come to find out that without mandatory vaccines, the vaccines that would in fact be issued would not be effective.…It’s dependent
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Herd Immunity: Owned & Controlled or Free & Equal?

The government is a private corporation and you are not the owner. Either you are the stock of the government, part of the herd owned by those who own the government, or you are a free human being.When the government mandates that you must do something, you have two choices. One is to do as
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Oregon Researchers Upset Herd 'Vaccine Boosters Are Overkill' 

ADVERTISEMENT A new radio segment on NPR.com discusses statements by leading Oregon researchers that vaccines are now in overkill, particularly for rare diseases. In many cases, they believe that booster shoots, as they are known, should be minimized. People are supposed to get vaccine boosters for tetanus and diphtheria once every 10 years. Please follow
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Vaccine 'herd immunity theory' dismantled and debunked

The vaccine “herd immunity” lie is believed by the majority of Americans who have been brainwashed to be hypochondriacs and paranoid about infectious disease. Medical doctors repeatedly tell their patients that everything is genetic (they mean inherited) and that all humans are born very weak, with crippled immune systems that MUST have 50 vaccinations before
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Vaccine uptake reaches all-time lows, policy shifts to mandatory enforcement and criminalization for refusal

History is being made on how the world is responding to vaccination. Even long-term health professionals are refusing to vaccinate themselves in the face of continued injury and death being caused by the practice. Almost half of healthcare professionals are now refusing to vaccinate and children’s uptake for HPV, influenza, chicken pox and many other
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Vaccine herd immunity debunked

“Herd immunity” is not sufficient rationale to mandate widespread vaccination, says renowned neurosurgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock, in an article published on the website VaccinationCouncil.org. Indeed, he says, the very concept itself does not hold water. Please follow and like us: