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22 ‘must-see’ vaccine documentaries

In no particular order, here are 22 highly informative, must-see vaccine documentaries that you could share with your firends.They all have to do with various factors of vaccination – evidence, efficacy, injuries, health effects and medicinal politics. Please follow and like us:

Obama Legacy: Medical Tyranny? New Order Issued for Detainment and Quarantines

Almost on the eve of the 2016 presidential election, outgoing president Barack Obama issued an executive order that is intended to coordinate all the world’s health agencies in alignment with the CDC’s intention to increase detainment and quarantining guidelines enforcement worldwide.Executive orders (EO) are legally binding as laws, though an incoming president can issue EOs
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Why Mandatory Vaccination Laws Won’t Work

If you knew these laws wouldn’t work, would you question why bills for mandatory vaccines were introduced in almost 30 states last year alone? Would you wonder who was behind this national agenda? And would you be concerned that the government was slowly taking away your medical rights?Last year, California passed a law that mandates
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Thanks to AofA contributor Laura Hayes for sharing a link to a lengthy document about how the Public Health community can set up drive through vaccination clinics in case of an emergency infectious disease situation. Ebola. (No vaccine available.) Zika (No vaccine available.) Flu, Measles, Chicken Pox… (Emergency status is all in the propaganda after
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American Academy of Pediatrics Wants a Police-state Approach to Vaccination

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), hugely funded by vaccine makers, calls for a police-state approach to vaccination. Action Alerts!Last month, the Academy, in a report titled “Countering Vaccine Hesitancy,” called for the elimination of all non-medical exemptions to vaccinations, including religious exemptions, on the model of California.Released alongside this report was another report, also
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Medical kidnapping? Canadian children were injected with vaccines without their parents’ consent

Parents are bombarded by physicians and the pharmaceutical industry’s vaccine dogma. Many choose to help build their children’s immunity naturally with turmeric and other superfoods. But how would you feel if one of your children had died following the routine recommended vaccination schedule? The Bootsma family — who live in British Columbia, Canada — had
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Uganda begins imposing jail time on parents who refuse vaccines

The Uganda government is cracking down on what it considers anti-vaccine ideologies. A new law that went into effect in March makes it illegal for parents not to vaccine their children. Failure to comply could result in six months of jail time, according to reports. Please follow and like us:

Kindergartner starts a revolution over forced vaccinations 

It’s a hypothetical scenario, and one that has not taken place – yet – but the point being made in the provocatively titled video, That Moment When a Kindergartner Starts a Revolution Over Forced Vaccinations, is that perhaps the only way to fight forced vaccinations is through grassroots action at the family level. Please follow
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Gardasil for Boys? The American Cancer Society Doubles Down, for No Good Reason. 

“. . . the ACS Board of Directors recently voted to make prevention of HPV-associated cancers through increased vaccination a nationwide priority for the organization. The ACS convened and leads the National HPV Vaccination Roundtable, a national coalition of over 70 organizations working together to prevent HPV-associated cancers and precancers by increasing and sustaining US
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California Law #SB277 Goes Into Effect July 1, 2016 #Vaxxed 

“Families that do not comply with the one-size-fits-all vaccine mandate, will lose their State Constitutional right for a free and appropriate education in public and private K-12 schools. The use of licensed daycare facilities, in-home daycare, public or private preschools and even after school care programs are also included in SB 277. School aged children,
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