Catholic Church Takes Stance Against Dirty Measles Vaccination

Forced vaccinations in a country like Kenya are ripe with fraud and counterfeit vaccines. By the time the vaccinations actually reach the general populous, massive bribes and fraudulent behavior have taken place. According to this letter undersigned by the Gitobu Imanyara & Co Advocates which was directed to the Ministry of Health and the Pharmacy
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22 ‘must-see’ vaccine documentaries

In no particular order, here are 22 highly informative, must-see vaccine documentaries that you could share with your firends.They all have to do with various factors of vaccination – evidence, efficacy, injuries, health effects and medicinal politics. Please follow and like us:

Mainstream media silent as CDC documents prove link between autism and vaccination

The mainstream media plays a key role in protecting and furthering the interests of powerful corporate entities, including those that make up the pharmaceutical industry, Big Agriculture, Big Oil and other massively profitable business sectors.They do so by over-reporting and fear-mongering, as exemplified by the current Zika virus scare, but they also do the bidding
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Bombshell: CDC Commits new Vaccine-autism Crime

Here are the bones of the story. For the first time in 30 years, a vaccine-damage case has gone before a court judge. Lawyers for a 16-year-old autistic boy are suing a medical clinic for administering vaccines that brought about the autism. The CDC, of course, denies any connection between vaccines and autism. But one
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Vaccines Cause Autism - Part 4: Postnatal Immune Activation

If you’ve been following our blog, you know that we recently initiated the hosting of a series of blogs, with permission of the author, from the website Vaccine Papers that compile the scientific proof that vaccines can and do cause autism. If you recall, Part 1 was about how immune activation (whether in pregnant mothers
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PROOF: Measles Mortality Rates Dropped BEFORE Vaccine 

The reasons the measles rates in the United States decline, contrary to the CDC and Pharma’s mantra, has more to do with nutrition and dietary changes than it does the vaccine. However, many scientists were quick to credit the measles vaccine which came out in the 70s for the decline, but the decline began much
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Mysterious Mumps Virus Has Now In Oklahoma 

State health officials are issuing a mumps outbreak warning in Oklahoma, that appears initially to be tied to the outbreak in Arkansas, which is seemingly targeting only vaccinated children within both states.  Oklahoma will also punish its unvaccinated healthy children and send home the unvaccinated students unless they receive the ineffective MMR vaccine. The same
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Arkansas Hit By Massive Mumps Outbreak, Only Amongst Vaccinated 

It appears that with the return to school and in light of mandatory vaccination laws, increased pressure by physicians to get vaccines, and of course vaccine shedding, Big Pharma is seemingly bringing back Mumps to our nation’s children. “In the last 15 years the highest number (in Arkansas) we’ve had was 14,” said Dr. Dirk
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Chief Scientific Officer Says MMR Vaccine Causes Autism 

In the 1970’s, Dr Fletcher served as Chief Scientific Officer at the DoH and Medical Assessor to the Committee on Safety of Medicines and primarily was responsible for deciding if new vaccines were safe for the public. In 2001, Fletcher was noted as expressing a level of concern over the MMR vaccine due to what
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