Mysterious Polio-Like Illness Plaguing Children Stumps CDC

As of September 2016, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has confirmed 89 cases of acute flaccid myelitis (AFM), also often referred to as Acute Flaccid Paralysis (AFP), a neurological disease whose symptoms resemble those of poliovirus and non-polio enteroviruses, but for which no cause or treatment is known. Please follow and
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The report firstly introduced Polio Vaccine basic information including Polio Vaccine definition, classification, application and industry chain overview; Polio Vaccine industry policy and plan, Polio Vaccine product specification, manufacturing process, cost structure etc. Then we deeply analyzed the world’s main region market conditions that including the product price, profit, capacity, production, capacity utilization, supply, demand
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Epidemic of Mysterious Disease w/Polio symptoms: CDC DOES NOT ADMIT IT IS FROM THE POLIO VACCINE

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is investigating the rise of a rare polio-like illness that tends to strike children.Acute flaccid myelitis, a condition that affects the nervous system, has sickened 89 people across 33 states so far this year, and doctors aren’t sure what causes it.Scientists still only have a preliminary understanding
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Mysterious Polio-like Illness Paralyzing U.S. Children

Little Carter Roberts, of Chesterfield, Virginia, was a typical 3-year-old — playful, healthy, and active. But over the course of a weekend Carter went from his happy-go-lucky self to a paralyzed patient unable to move his arms or legs.”He needed a tube to help him breath,” says his mother Robin Roberts. “Doctors were working really
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Was This Polio Cure Buried For Dangerous Rockefeller Vaccines?

In the 1950s, a cure for polio was squashed by the Rockefellers before the suspicious polio “epidemic” that itself occurred the same decade. In place of the cure, the Rockefellers’ mandatory polio vaccines were presented as the best defense against the disease. These polio vaccines contained SV40 virus which causes cancer tumors.Obviously, there is enormous
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WHO Finds Polio Vaccine Spreading Polio In India

For maintenance of polio eradication in polio-free countries, WHO conducts surveillance for cases of AFP and collects samples of sewage water to find any traces of polio viruses. In one such study in Hyderabad in April, out of 30 samples collected, one sample from Amberpet nala contained traces of type-2 VDPV. Lab tests have revealed
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Are Dangerous Polio Vaccines Still Being Given? 

Recently there was an attack on health workers in Pakistan who were doing mass vaccinations.Several police, who were guarding the workers, were killed.There have been frequent attacks against those conducting vaccination campaigns, as people believe the vaccinations are CAUSING polio. Please follow and like us: