Parents of vaccine-damaged children wrongly imprisoned, as doctors blame 'shaken baby syndrome'

Shaken baby syndrome is often cited as the cause of infant death, but what if many of these parents aren’t really killing their children? Much like sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), shaken baby syndrome (SBS) often follows vaccination. The difference is that parents are not generally imprisoned over SIDS, while parents of SBS children typically
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Unraveling the Mystery of Sudden Unexpected Infant Death

There are five main causes for infant mortality: birth defects, maternal health complications, unintentional injuries, preterm-related causes of death, and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). It is particularly with SIDS, however, that many questions persist and remain unanswered. SIDS is defined as “infant deaths that cannot be explained after a thorough case investigation, including a
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Doctor's Son Dies of SIDS After Vaccines

Dr. Brandon Perry is on a mission to research the harmful effects caused by some vaccines. Perry has written a long letter about his grief and about his response to the tragedy, which includes hoping to assure other parents this type of tragedy can be prevented. His son, Nash, was born on October, 25th of
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