Oral Polio Vaccine Was Contaminated with Monkey Viruses

Public health officials in the United States today recommend that infants in the U.S. receive four doses of an inactivated, injectable polio vaccine (IAV) using chicken egg embryos, dog kidney cells or insect cells for production.1 However, between 1961 and 1999, most American children swallowed five doses of live oral polio vaccine (OPV) using monkey
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Brain Eating Vaccines The Gov't Doesn't Want You To Know About

In this interview Dr. Maurice Hilleman reveals some astounding revelations.He admits that Merck drug company vaccines (Polio) had been deliberately contaminated with SV40, a cancer-causing monkey virus from 1953 – 63.For years, researchers suggested that millions of vials of polio vaccine, contaminated with SV40, infected individuals which caused human tumors and by 1999 molecular evidence
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