Vaccine Schedule

Childhood Vaccine Schedule: Where is the Science?

Americans have been carefully taught to fully trust the recommendations made by medical doctors and public health officials, and many do trust without questioning. After all, we expect and want to believe that the recommendations being made by the “medical experts” are evidence-based and thoroughly tested for safety. Please follow and like us:

The Dangerous Expansion of Adult Vaccinations

The primary focus for disease prevention for adults, in this country, continues to be vaccinations and the development of new ones. However, vaccinations fail to prevent their targeted diseases and can cause other health problems, including death. Please follow and like us:

August 31, 2016 – Contrasting female-male mortality ratios after routine vaccinations with pentavalent vaccine versus measles and yellow fever vaccine. A cohort study from urban Guinea-Bissau (full text) “The effect of DTP on all cause-mortality was not tested prior to the vaccine being rolled out in low-income countries in the 1970s. The present study adds
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New SafeMinds Investigative Research Report Refutes Deceptive CDC Vaccine Safety Argument

For 15 years – since Paul Offit made his infamous claim that babies can safely receive up to 10,000 vaccinations at once – CDC-affiliated scientists and public health officials have promulgated a misleading argument about antigen numbers to reassure parents about the safety of the burgeoning infant vaccine schedule. Now, the Fewer Antigens/Safer Vaccine Schedule
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Questioning the Safety of the CDC's Childhood Vaccine Schedule

On the issue of vaccines, there is an abundance of dialogue on ingredients and herd immunity, etc., but what really is the fundamental problem at the heart of this debate? It is because state legislatures mandate vaccines, consequently denying individuals the right to informed consent—the right to make personal choices about vaccination for themselves and
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