Fauci Says Zika Vaccine Coming by 2018

Director of the National Institutes for Health Anthony Fauci, MD announced this week that a Zika vaccine could be rushed to market as early as 2018. The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) has already launched two phase 1 Zika vaccine trials this year, including a genetically engineered vaccine. “I’m confident we’ll get
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After terrorizing America with Zika scaremongering, Washington Post now admits Zika virus doesn't cause brain deformities after all

The entire leftist media is not merely dishonest and corrupt, their science writers are unbelievably stupid and ill-informed about nearly everything in the natural world. Today, after months of printing fear-inducing “Zika terrorism” stories that scared America half to death while convincing the government to funnel billions of dollars into Zika vaccine research for Big
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More Zika in the US as RNA vaccine gets funding

While many countries in the Americas are reporting a slowing of Zika transmission, the United States is seeing an increased rate in Florida. In other disease news, an RNA vaccine gets funding while a new study suggests the usefulness of IgM Zika testing for babies. Please follow and like us:

Zika: A Masterpiece of Public Mind Control

It’s been nearly nine months since the word “Zika” flashed like a lightning bolt in the headlines of mainstream news. Before January 1, 2016, Zika was just one of many viruses that public health officials monitored. But suddenly in January of this year everything changed, as a nearly harmless virus was transformed into a worldwide
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Government Confirms It Is Now Injecting Humans With Lab Grown Zika

This morning, Florida Governor Rick Scott, declared a portion of Miami Beach the second Zika zone in the state. The declaration comes with massive implications, particularly to a heavy tourism industry. Florida’s beaches draw massive crowds year round. Disney World is another enormous draw. By expanding Zika zones to the beaches, particularly Miami Beach, the
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So What Became of the $1.9 Billion for Zika?

On Feb. 22, 2016, the White House submitted to the U.S. Congress a $1.9 billion emergency supplemental appropriations request from the Departments of Health and Human Services (HHS) and State and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) for fiscal year (FY) 2016 for “preparedness efforts” related to the Zika virus. Please follow and like
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Bill Gates Created GMO Mosquitoes To Release In 'Zika Outbreak' Florida 

British-based biotech company Oxitec has been given FDA approval to release genetically modified mosquitoes all throughout South Florida as a way to fight Zika. The mosquitoes are known by the code, OX513A, are supposed to neutralize Aedes aegypti versions of mosquitoes, which are allegedly responsible for carrying and transmitting Zika. Please follow and like us:

Yale Study Says Zika Fear Mongering Is Exaggeration

When it comes to Zika, the media and CDC have been relentless in pushing its fear laden agenda. Vaccines are on the brink of launching and Olympics are right around the corner.But it seems much of the Zika fear mongering has been less than sincere (go figure). Yale University conducted a study looking into a
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