The most evil people in medicine today

Evil can be defined as profound immorality and malevolence. Today, one of the most evil persons to ever practice medicine is fortunately behind bars, serving 45 years in a federal prison for dosing adults and children who did not even have cancer to death with chemotherapy.If it were not for a brave colleague who blew the whistle and turned in Dr. Farid Fata to the FBI, Fata would still be silently killing innocents today, all in the name of money and notoriety. Fata was responsible for many deaths and thousands of injuries that could last a lifetime. Though Fata is no longer practicing medicine, he has everything to do with some other evil doctors who are still engaged in medical fraudulence and malfeasance, but just haven’t been caught and prosecuted – yet. Fata is a gleaming example of how many doctors literally get away with murder for years on end.

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