Vaccine hesitancy

The ongoing public conversation on vaccination in mainstream and social media can be monitored with tools such as the open-access Vaccine Sentimeter. Routine monitoring of the current topics, sentiment, questions and issues could help immunization programs to: (i) better understand and address public concerns, (ii) rapidly identify, analyze and respond to emerging controversies, and (iii) measure impact of vaccination campaigns.” Conflict of interest statement: Authors AT and MW are employed by Sanofi Pasteur.” Comment by Dr. Tenpenny: This is a very important FULL TEXT paper. It evaluates the recommendations given by SAGE and outlines how the WHO, the vaccine industry and nations collude to inject the world with toxic solutions under the ruse that this procedure makes a healthier population. Similar to papers published by the National Vaccine Action Plan (targeting the US), this is a step-by-step action plan for coercing you to be vaccinated.

Read more here: Vaccine Research Library

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