Vaccine Issues for Dummies: A Primer for Viewing “VAXXED”

Since we posted this blog, Robert De Niro has appeared on the Today show and openly supported the movie VAXXED and also Trace Amounts. We applaud De Niro’s bravery and conviction in this contentious arena. We support him and his family 100%. We look forward to seeing how this conversation will move forward with the hope that Congress will subpoena Dr. Thompson so that we may begin to discover the truth.With VAXXED: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe getting enormous mainstream press all over the world right now, it is causing an unwelcome stir among the masses who normally would not want to be bothered with non-presidential-candidate news for the next six months. I mean going over this MMR/autism business is surely flogging a dead horse? Also, wasn’t this film directed by that British doctor, who wanted to split the vaccine up into three separate shots? How horrific, they might say, it should be banned because of, you know, measles.

Read more here: Vaccine Issues for Dummies: A Primer for Viewing “VAXXED” – The Thinking Moms’ Revolution

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