Will Threat of Prosecution Make Vaccines “Mandatory” in Canada?

Last May at the AutismOne conference in Chicago, TMR met David Stephan. We’re pretty good judges of character, and David immediately struck us as a wonderful human being and a loving and caring father — which made the story he told us all the more horrifying. David and his wife Collet had lost their beloved 18-month-old son Ezekiel to a mysterious illness several years before. As if that were not enough to make their lives beyond difficult, the Canadian government had decided to prosecute them for “Failing to Provide the Necessaries of Life.” This charge didn’t make any sense as it was obvious that, until his death, Ezekiel was a happy and healthy child, in no way neglected. Clearly, his “necessaries of life” were well provided. David told us that he and his wife did not have their children vaccinated (which was their absolute right in Canada as there is no vaccine requirement), and they were told that the purpose of this prosecution was to establish a precedent allowing non-vaccinating parents to be prosecuted and imprisoned for neglect. The idea being that the threat of such prosecution would scare other parents into vaccinating their children despite no legal requirement to do so — essentially establishing a vaccine mandate.

Read more here: Will Threat of Prosecution Make Vaccines “Mandatory” in Canada? – The Thinking Moms’ Revolution

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